MS Teams user adoption tip #5 – Peak-End rule

During a migration of SharePoint/file shares, you can see that the pain that end-users experience is really there.

But do you remember when you went to Disneyland or Efteling (for the Dutchies amongst us) – How long did you have to wait in line before the roller-coaster ride, especially during the summer?

A lot of people complain about long qeues while the ride only lasted for 1 minute.
But after the ride…you all forgot about the long waiting time! Because now all you remember is the fantastic feeling you got from the ride!

This is caused by a cognitive bias we have called “Peak-End-rule”.
When we look back at our experiences, we only tend to remember our PEAKS (highs/lows) and the end.

The Peakā€“End Rule: How Impressions Become Memories

IKEA also knows this really well, that’s why most of us end up with a hot-dog or an ice-cream after searching for some accessories.

You can now get vegan Mr Whippy ice cream at IKEA | Totally Vegan Buzz


My current customer experienced a similar journey.
By keeping the process human-centered and ending up with a clean nice portal, they all forgot the pain points they suffered at the beginning of the process (lots of complaints about lack of communication etc.).

So keep in mind: in a complex organization it’s inevitable that people have negative experiences. As long as you surprise the end users with user-friendly solutions and you end on a positive note.