MS Teams user adoption tip #1 – Social Proof (Office365)

If you have a hard time getting users to adopt MS Teams, try the social proof trick :D.

Basically, promote the employees’s successtories within your organization, let them recommend how they experience working with Teams.

Jane – secretary: First it cost me hours to prepare meetings, now it costs me just a few minutes and I can quickly invite others as well. At first I was pretty sceptical and had a bit of hard time to familiarize myself with the tool. But after a few weeks of time, it felt like a fresh breath of air.

Melissa who is working as a secretary in another department now thinks like “If she can do it, then surely I can do it too. And if it is helpful to her, then it would be helpful to me as we are having the same type of job.

Go ahead and try it…a lot of sites like amazon, booking, airbnb, netfliex etc. have grown tremendously thanks to the Social Proof technique. :D.